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The description of BuildNow GG App

BuildNow GG is a fun online 3rd person survival shooter in which you can build and shoot!

Fight other players around the world, Get a Victory Royale Win and become the World's Best Fighter.
Construct forts and edit buildings to hide from fire or catch enemy in a trap.
You can play with random players or invite your friends to the lobby.

The game is in Early Access!

There are 5 modes available in the game:
1. FreeBuild - A large island where you can freely play PVP and practice without any time limits.
2. V-Arena - 1v1 Arena, the Last man standing wins!
3. BoxFight - 1v1 BoxFight, the Last man standing wins!
4. Aim Training - Train to improve your shooting and building skills!
5. Zone Wars 6 players with Random zone

Fully customizable interface:
Customize the location and size of all buttons as you like!

The game is optimized and runs smoothly on most devices!
Choose graphics settings for the most consistent frame rates.

We are constantly improving the game and adding new features, modes and weapons.

Join our official Discord server and leave your feedback and game suggestions-
YouTube -
Instagram -

buildnowgg Description

BuildNow GG 0.3.2 APK download for Android. Online 3rd person survival shooter in which you can build and shoot!

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buildnowgg Update

BuildNow GG App 0.3.2 Update


Added - Duo Wild West Zone Wars
Added - 200 pump only mode
Added minimap/full map (zonewars only)
Added first default emote (animation)
Added Dash jump mechanic (for FreeMode/AimTrainer only)
Added extra edit button on mobile
Added option for choose type of controller
Added purchase "No ads"
New skin and pickaxe
Pump min damage is now 30
Blueprint editing mechanic
SMG - Increased builds damage by 15%.
fixed huge fps drop when reset builds
Fixed PS4 controller
Minor bugs fixes.

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